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okay folks. finally put my dreads back in. this is my sixth set of dreads. my first two times with dreads were naturally done and i did them at 16 years old. my sixth set is shown here and i recently turned 31 in april. eventually i'm going through floppys and taking photos to put a website together with pictures of all my dreads. does anyone know if it's possible to get photos off a floppy disc where the piece broke on the bottom and if i put it in the drive it will get stuck? is there anyway i can retrieve that information? i have like 10 discs that are broken from the moving i've done this past year.

enjoy the pics. by the way the back is shaved because i had one big dread back there, it'll grow back... soon... very soon... very...

oh and a question for all those dreadies who didn't do it naturally. when putting in your locks which band/musician did you listen to during the process?
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