Kt (meowkat) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

These aren't very good pictures... but I was bored and realized I hadn't posted any pics in a really long time. Sometimes I'm surprised at how much dreads can grow from one year to the next... I should put together a time-line one of these days when I can get access to a scaner.

a slightly blury shot of the back... I've been enjoying putting the sides up in pigtails lately (the back is hanging down underneath).

Just to show the length (and my neat can-tab belt!)... they vary, but the longest is maybe 2-3 inches above my waist.

I have really thick hair, so the length and weight that comes along with it does not make hot weather fun. :( Can't swim much cause it hurts my neck to leave them wet, and I have to blow dry them when I shower now or it takes at least 8-10 hours for them to dry. I've been trying to tie them up off my neck a bit, but I've been starting to feel the weight on my neck more for the last couple months. Anyone with really long dreads (I know there's a few of you out there) have any tips for dealing with them in the summer? The thought of trimming them has also crossed my mind, but I'd prefer to just let them go as long as I can, and I don't know how that would work out, what problems it might cause (would the cut ends un-dread?)... anyone done this?

Much love to everyone, I enjoy seeing your lovely pictures and thoughtful posts.
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