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Good evening all you lovely dread headed people out there. Let me introduce myself. My name is Sarah and i'm in Ontario, Canada.

At the moment I have shoulder length red hair BUT in 6 days (count em, 6 DAYS!!) I will have the begginings of dread locks. I'm not going to go natural and I am not going to do them myself as I want a very tight, smooth look. I've made an apointment with the lovely miss neeko for my dreads.

I've wanted dreads for a while. The main reason is because I hate making my hair look pretty. I just wash, braid and go. I'm a very low maitnence kind of girl so the dreads appeal to me. Don't get me wrong. I know there's basic maitence involved like palm rolling as well as waxing but it seems like nothing to me compared to the whole wash, dry, straighten ritual I used to use.

I've enjoyed reading everyones entries as there dreads progress and become sooo heady. I have a much better idea on what to expect now. Thanks guys!!


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