freaky like the daughter of a pastor (blackperson) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
freaky like the daughter of a pastor

Opinions for a second Moderator.

I found our other moderator, robotparade who has been missing for at least a few months. She's fine and dandy. But unfortunately she doesn't have the time or the computer access to be extensively involved in managing a community. So we both decided that maybe she should step down as moderator. We love robotparade and we hope she finds time to drop in and say hello!

But... that leaves us with a spot to fill. I'm not always online. And sometimes I'd like a second opinion on issues that arise here. It would be nice to have someone to brain storm with. So I'm thinking about adding a second moderator to the community.

Feel free to nominate anyone you like below. This is just for me to get an idea of who to ask and who you guys think is fit for the job. Feel free to nominate yourselves as well. Give me a little bit of info on why that person would make a good moderator. Like two sentences. I want you to understand, however. THIS IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST. Your favorite user may or may not be a good moderator. I need someone I can trust, who doesn't start drama, who is a peacemaker and hopefully someone who loves get_up_dread_up.

All comments have been screened and will be read by only me. But please remember that these are suggestions, not votes. I reserve the right to pick whoever I like since I'm the one who'll end up arguing with them.

Thanks for your time.

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