jane (janiecash) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

i'm here...saying hello!!

hey...i've been around. i bet not many of you remember me. i comment every now and then and post infrequently. i think i've spoken to some of you on AIM. (and thanx! for IMing me...)

well, just checking in at GUDU (in reality, i check in every day). it's been awhile...the babies have grown...i'm impatient for my hair to grow because i can't stand the length...i have lots of stay hairs and many of my ends are loose, although many of my ends have rounded quite nicely and my roots are pretty strong. i wish my dreads were more defined and a little fatter. and i wish i had MORE. i only have 40!! but i still love them. i think i'm going to braid the loose ends...just to play with them a little. i don't feel like twist and ripping or rubber them today.

anyway, have a great day!

oh and in a couple of weeks, these babies are going to be getting a good daily dose of the pacific!!! i wonder how the philippines will treat my dreads...oh well.
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