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Hey. Does anyone here live in the boston newton brookline area? I am new, but have wanted and been doing my share of learning about dreadlocks for a long time, and the time has come. I have been planning on going to a african place (really, the dont even speak english) to get them done. I havve blond hair. I had braids like 5 months ago:[IMG]

I NEED THEM BY THIS WED.!!! I am a lil bit desperate, and ill adjust to whatever the rules (your place, mine, etc...)
This is my hair now.

Will this dread? Someone told me they knew someone who had blond hair and it dreaded very strange in wrong directions...?

Is it possible for me to have thin dreads?

I was introduced to dreads by ani difranco, who remains my idol, and role model, and mostinfluential person in my life, as well as the one and only bob marley.
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