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3 Days until Dreads

Hello again, It's me, Sarah. Remember the read head excited about her coming dreads? I have 3 days to wait until I have my dreadlocks. I've stopped conditioning my hair altogether now and since I have very coarse hair it is super frizzy. My little fly aways are everywhere, LOL. I'm using Manuke shampoo from the body shop which is supposed to be residue free. What kind of shampoo does everyone here use?
So far i've concluded that the best way to get your dreads really tight is the palm rolling method. I've also been informed that wax is bad but the person who is doing my hair swears by it so i'll have to talk to her about it. Someone has also mentioned spraying sea salt water on your dreads after washing will help with the locking process. Anyone have idea on if this works or is worthwhile? I don't have a digital camera so i'm pretty upset at not being able to document the begginings of my dreads. I am planning on buying one very soon though. Hopefully Neko will take pictures after mine are done on Tuesday.
Everyones dreads are so amazing and unique. SO many beautiful faces and warm smiles. I love all of your pictures and posts. Thanks for all the info and help guys.Your great!!
http://www.myspace.com/2556222 < This is my My Space. You can go there to see pictures of my hair before my dready goodness. I think i'll look alright with dreads...what do you all think?
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