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It's funny story time.

I was getting gas earlier today and the man at the pump infront of mine was looking at me strangely. I ignored him, but then he walked up to me and our conversation went like this:

man: excuse me..
me: yes?
man: are you black?

- now, let me pause for a moment to tell you that well, i am the whitest white girl ever. don't believe me? then have a look at this picture, i am so pale that i GLOW.

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ok back to the converastion:
man: are you black? (this man is white, by the way)
me: umm... no.
man: are you mixed?
me: no.
man: are you spanish?
me: no.
man: hawaiian?
man: really? what is your family's background?
me: i am 100% french.
man: ok so, how did you get your hair like that if you're just white? because i have a sister who married this guy from hawaii, and their daughter can't even get her hair like that. and she's mixed.
me: um, anyone can have dreads.
man: i don't know about that...

-At this point I didn't really feel like answering any more of his questions regarding my nationality. He just shrugged and got in his car, and as he drove away I saw a bumper sticker on the back of his truck that said "PROUD TO BE A REDNECK!"

... aaaand I'll let you all form your own conclusions about that :)
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