one.girl.revolution (dirtyandsmiling) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

leniness mentioned that I hadn't updated here in a while.

So here ya go :)

I'm no longer a hedgehog!! Yay!

Lish, I did want to dread more of that hair in the front... But Michael wouldn't do it! Big crazy. He said HE thinks it looks cool just like it is.. and I shouldn't change it JUST cause you say so. But it wasn't just cause you said so (lol, but that almost would be reason enough, ms dread sage) -- I didn't like the hemisphere-head look at all.. But .. he wouldn't. And I wasn't confident enough to do them myself, so they're still there.

(These pics were taken on Saturday)

Ooo, look I gots a cute PINK glass bead!! XD I heart pink. *happy tear*

hope this pic isn't blurry anymore...

hope this pic is working now....

These two were just taken right now. My dreads are 19 days old.

(You can see both my glass beads in this pic! And I love the color of this pic... looks so summery..)

Haha, like this one cause you can see some tats in it.

And for all you people, because I love you and y'all ROCK!! *kisses*

And just for good measure, here's a couple pictures of my ADORABLE KITTEN!!

Look, she's flashing the camera!
porn star kitten

And this is her devil side... ATTACK MODE!!
I'll rip your fucking throat out!

Enjoy! :D
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