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snake LOVE... haha yeah.

Okay, so in one of the threads in my last post, the great dread sage (duh, lishd!!) said something about pictures of her snake.

I've been waaaiiittiiing for her to post the pictures (she said she'll put 'em up when she has a chance to edit them)... but apparently I'm not very patient.

So I got out one of my snakes, Raistlin (haha, anyone ever read the Dragonlance books?), and took pics with him. He's an albino burmese python.

I had wanted to take pics with Syn, my hog island / columbian (mixed) boa constrictor... but when I reached in to get her, she bit me for the first time (bloody snake-bite pics included! haha). So I decided it would probably be better to leave her alone tonight. :/
And she didn't really bite me bite me, it was more like just an open-mouth strike, she hit two of my fingers with her teeth, and didn't even lock onto me or anything. Just hit me with her teeth and pulled back.
It was weird, she's never shown any signs of aggression towards me. Most likely , I just caught her off guard somehow. Though I swear she saw me.. I've included a few pics of her, anyway. She's beautiful, and it's a necessity to see her. Or you'll die. You can't survive without her. :D

On to the PICS!!! (sorry for those of you with slow computers... um, there's like a bazillion pics under the cut! the snakes are just THAT cool! lol) Please just be patient!!

(btw, there's alt text on all of these pics, if you care to hover your mouse!!)

Okay, so first the bloody bite pic. Haha, hope you didn't think it was going to be oh-so-disgusting or anything.. just a couple drops of blood. And a little tiny drop near the tip of that finger, too.
the bite of DEATH!!

And this would be Syn, the snake that just tagged me and MADE ME BLEED MY OWN BLOOD!! (haha, Dodgeball, anyone?) :D Syn's about 4 foot long now, and still the skinniest thing!
my beautiful Syn hog island / columbian mix GOD she is so GORGEOUS!!

And this is myself and the lovely and terrifying Raistlin (he bit Michael once and now Michael refuses to handle him!) Hes probably about 5 feet long, and sooo thick and STRONG!! Well, in comparison to our other snakes, anyway.
albino snake of DEATH! his yellowness makes my eyes look SO blue! :D

he's crawling down my back... ..and he latched onto my bikini! then he grabbed my BOOB!! horny bastard

he tried to kill me. not really. haha, this is the closest you'll ever get to seeing my boobs! use yor imagination wrapped around my neck.. he's so long!!

snake love...

And here are some dreads. This post is soooo on-topic, right? :P
WOW dreads! they look so frizzy! and yeah you can see the superglued tips

Love you guys!
how 'bout some tongue, baby? ;)

Anyone else keep snakes? Or any other "unusual" kind of pet? Let's see!! :D
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