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patronising dye woman rant.

went shopping today to try to choose a (boxed) dye to colour my dreads with, and i got descended upon by the l'oreal woman, wanting to help me choose a dye colour.

i'm always open to people's opinions when choosing colours, so i went with it. i wanted to dye them 2 different shades of red and a dark brown-red. she told me i should only go for an all over dye, because my hair is precoloured and "might end up khaki-ish if i dye with different shades to the one i've already used". she then told me, because of "the condition of my hair", i shouldn't dye it ever again, because my "hair might fall out".

as she walked away i made the sign of lish, and went on my way.

i guess this is one of those encounters with hair people, like the one kawaiinose had with the hairdresser who said her dreads would come out. i feel so included now. :)
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