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i have a confession to make.

aside from the initial starting (w/ backcombing) i didn't really know much about dreads 'till i happened upon you all.

ssssoooooo in my innocent naiveness (and also my stylistic preference at the time) (i knew NOTHING about the maturing process... *smacks forehead*...)
i used a crochet hook to "fix" my ends. some of them it has seemed to work for... others not so much.

i also think it totally f*cked up the maturing process of the hair i had before i began... though the new growth is dreading QUITE nicely :^)

anyway, in the hopes that someone will have some suggestions (and with the knowledge that lish will verbally kick my ass), i'm posting some pictures and asking for opinions...


(warning: lots of pictures)

All right, for starters here are some ends that i think turned out pretty well:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

allright, those had no problem dreading.. but THIS one... the tip is a dread, then there's some loose hair, and then a nice big dread. but the dread won't suck up the loose hair between it and the tip. so that freakin wavyness won't go away! and it's the only dread with any wavyness at all... so it looks bad. grar!

Image hosted by

all right, now here, are some full shots of some dreads, where you can see how tapered mine are (and yeah, ALL of mine are tapered like that... grr... but at least they're growing in thickly)

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

ok in this last photo you can really see the separation between "new growth" and the rest of the dread....
(it's not all new growth, but pretty much all of my dreads have a noticable BUMP where they suddenly get fatter and stay that way to my head)

Image hosted by

Ok, so, I feel like my dreads should pretty much be all the same thickness, instead of tapered the way they are.
I'm PRETTY sure it's because I fucked with the ends so much months ago (oh mine are just barely over 6 months)

so, I know that probably no one else has had this problem... but, should i maybe trim a half inch off the end of all my dreads that i messed with?
do you think they'd then pull up still? or are they just screwed in that respect and should i let them be?

I know if i do trim them and they do pull up i'll lose length, but i'm ok with that.

what do you all think?

i really really need help with this one

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