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Hi Again...

I hope if you care you've all signed the live8 petition =) ( www.live8live.com )
Ok now thats out of the way...I had some better pics taken this afternoon...

The loose straggly bits are in the process of being woven in the regrowth...ive just been too stoned to bother yet...it took me 6 months to bother re-doing them...but im going to make sure i do them on a weekly/2 weekly basis at least...=)

Before they were re-done...*pulls funny face*

Taken Earlier today...

The back as requested...

laugh with me guys...lol

a side view...because its a nice view of them...=)

And to finish it off...the expression on the world leaders faces in 2 days time when Geldof says his piece...

Sorry about all the images...I just wanted to show you properly...
Hope you enjoyed the tour around my head =)
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