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well, i just joined this community...
I've had dreads for about 2 months now.

im 14 almost 15, listen to punk, hardcore, ska, emo and various other forms of indie rock.
i have very curly (but not "nappy") hair, about 6 inches long now. I dreaded it 2 months ago using a kit from Dread Head H.Q. im happy with it. I got dreads mainly because i liked the way they looked and they reminded me of my liberty spikes, but they dont involve spending a half an hour every morning doing something that would just melt in the sun.
i read a lot of stuff on dreads on the Internet, mostly about white people techniques, because, well, im white. I personally had my dreads set up in a few hours (even if they weren't locked up yet) and i washed 'em after 4 or 5 days.

i actually just got done dying my dreads black a few hours ago. but i dont like it, so I'll probably bleach them blond tomorrow.
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