leniness (leniness) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

i knew it would be long, but this was a surprise...

my god, lish. i know your text says "be prepared to stay under the shower forever" (or words to that effect), but i didnt realise how long it would be! every time i managed to get the water running clear, i'd start drying it off in a towel and find yet another patch of SOLID dye. i even rinsed out every single dread separately, and still i keep finding patches. i think there must be a tiny gnome living on my scalp running round with a bag full of red dye, leaving little piles of it wherever i've just finished rinsing. the tips of my fingers are now a beautiful shade of pruple-red, thanks to my post-inexpert-rinsing discoveries.

the hair dye gnome must die. drowning obviously doesnt work. any ideas? :P

and to add insult to, uh, wetness, it turns out that l'oreal only makes one colour of red dye, but puts it in packets with various different pictures on the front. despite choosing one bright red (like i usually have), one very dark red and one ginger (which the packet said would be able to lighten my hair), i have ended up with a nice all-over burgundy. oh well.

what i'd really like is just 8 or so orange-y ones under the top layer, just to lift the colour a little as a whole. would a light bleach treatment do this, or is my hair too damaged now? dreads feel kinda solidround the outsides now, esp at the roots. i quite like it, but i dont want to melt it if i try dying again.
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