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I haven't really done a timeline yet and I don't have too many pictures of myself that document the development and growth of my dreads, but here you go. Enjoy! For those of you just starting this journey, I think you will see that even the most unruly dreads will at somepoint begin to calm down. One and a half years after the start of the process my hair is finally getting to a point where I am happy with them. :)

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The very first day I got them. They've certianly come a long way.
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I don't really have any pictures from the first 6 months or so.

Fall 2004 (September)
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Ignore my ugly face in this picture...they were soo bumpy and gross looking.

Fall 2004(October)
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May 2005
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The rest are all from the past couple weeks which means my dreads are about 1.5 years old.
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I look kind of wierd...but oh well...I just love the skirt I'm wearing. :)

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French Braid.

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Yaaayy fancy dresses!
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