Lydia (ngc2237rosette) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Ok, non picture post booooooo :(
But thought I'd just share that I got my dreads done by a couple of friends yesterday! Yay I'm excited, errrm but they look a bit silly, I'm calling them my tarantula dreads cos of the way they stick up from the head and then taper off at the bottom, they look like spider legs!
But I'm trusting that they'll settle and be fine in a while.
Oh I have bright red hair so I look a little like sideshow bob too!
Talking of which I really need to dye it again, I've read all about dying dreads (I've been in this community for a while) I use directions colour, which is a conditioning colour, I assume it's best to wait til they've locked up a bit more then?
Grrr I cant stand having pink hair!! (it's just not me)
lol I'll cope
yay *excited*
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