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I keep dreaming that I've normal hair again. It's a bit scary but also good. In a way. Coz it makes me realise how much I hated my normal hair & how much I like my locks :)

Also: does anyone else in here cut the hairs in your neck? I once read here that someone cut theirs and decided to do it myself coz everyone had been giving me crap with their "look, you've got nothing but loose hairs, they're not even dreadlocks anymore, cut them" comments. After I cut it the comments stopped :) But it's also much easier, especially when it's hot and those hairs stick to your neck.

Also: whilst pulling out hair out of your front dreads in order to create some sort of bangs, expect some pain. Not on your head, but your fingers. You gotta really PULL coz that shit's TIIIGHT :p
(Or just cut out tiny bits & wait for a while 'til it grows longer)

I'm done sharing now, hehe,

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