nicoblue (soulhaus) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

yeh, so i've lurked forever and finally decided to join. :) my babies are a little over a year old, au natural, never had anything on them but zest (yes, the soap. it worked?) & more recently dreadhq shampoo (a sweet donation from a former dreadhead).

the thing is, they're a bit... rough and tumble. they're not brittle, they're strong and i don't forsee them breaking, but... i want my head to feel like a stuffed animal, and not the cheap kind you win at the county fair (which is the state they're in now).

knotty boy has a new conditioning spray product that i'm mighty tempted buy. thing is, i've never used any knotty boy products. i know a bunch of folks here have used the wax, but what about anything else?
plus, well... they SAY it smells good, and that the smell lasts a long time (i thought fragrance=residue=bad?) but, i'm also afraid of smelling like trashy sunscreen.


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