nervous with good reason (goingtomontreal) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
nervous with good reason

just another one of those cuiosity/getting to know ppl posts

Ok periodically everyone does these one question posts on here where its thought to get to knwo eachother better and such....i dunno...get into the minds of dread heads? Well I decided I was REALLY curious about this.

Where did everyone get his/her user name from? A lot of ppl ask me about mine on here, adn it jsut occured to me. Your s/n is a pretty good relfection of your personality, even if it is some bullshit name.

So what is the orgin of your s/n?
(and if this like, totally out of bounds, mods, just holla and ill retreat. however, id like to know where ya'll's came from too!)

goingtomontreal? Well a lot of people think its from a strong desire/plans to travel to Montreal. In reality (while I would like to go there) my s/n comes from an Ataxia song "Montreal" where John Frusciante, the singer, says the like "Im going to Montreal" over and over. I picked this s/n b/c I needed a change and it was a depserate and lonely night and i felt like i had to run away, so I jsut kept thinking "I'm going away, I'm goign to Montreal"

Actaully, most of my past (and other) user names came from songs. on_with_stella and eskimo_found are both from RHCP lyrics. and kimono_as_belle is after my fav My Little Pony.

All right, wasn't that insightful? Now spill yours!! GO!
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