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Mod Post!

Holy shit! Look at our new layout! Goddamn that's sexy. Are you enjoying it as much as I am? You can't possibly. I think my pants exploded.

get_up_dread_up thanks comatose for being so html-savvy.

In order to remain so super sexy beautiful, I need a little help from you guys. You'll notice that the entry boxes are made as large as possible in order to accommodate viewers using 800X600 screen resolutions. What does that mean? Well, if your picture is bigger than the entry box, it's an easy way to tell that it's too damn big. We didn't really enforce this before because the old layout was craptastic but this one is special. The kind you take home to mother, if you will. So even if it looks like the photo is small enough to fit on your browser, if it doesn't fit the entry boxes then it doesn't fit on everyone's browser. The Mod Squad will start deleting photos that are too large. Plus, it slows down the loading time for the community and everyone's friends pages. Yes, we want to see your face but please be respectful. Some people still use dial-up connections.

Anyway, I'm gonna go look at the new layout while touching myself.
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