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An interesting discovery!

Tried to dye my dreadies last night using Napro Live Colour, which is meant to come out in 8 washes, so it should last me upwards of two months. It didn't turn out too well cos my hair is bleached, but I was expecting this so was just aiming to lay down a base layer before colouring again next week. Anyway, my discovery! Since using it, my dreadies are knotting up like crazy! My ends have never looked this good before, and my roots are nice and right after clockwise rubbing for 60 seconds. I'm assuming there's something drying in the dye, but either way my dreadies are tight and happy ^_^

P.S. I'm attempting to 'tame down' my hair for several job interviews next week... planning on just wearing a wide black fabric headband. Any other tips for discreet dreadies? ^_^
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