March 29th, 2002

Hello, friend!

Welcome to a community for dreadlock enthusiasts. I myself became affected by the magic of dreadlocks at the age of twelve, when I first developed a serious interest in reggae. I had never really liked my hair, which I look back on with deep regret, and I frequently straightened and "relaxed" it. Over the course of the next four years, I begged my reluctant mother to allow me to lock my hair. My mother, being the wonderfully understanding person she is, eventually conceded and for my sixteenth birthday, my dream came true. I finally feel that my hair relates to who I am, and I love my dreadlocks dearly. Before I embarked on this stylistic journey, I conducted some serious research. Dreadlocks are a big committment, once they "lock up", they're until you cut them off. I visited a number of salons and got consultations. I talked to people I met on the street, at shows, doctors' offices, everywhere. I learned that for as many people who have dreadlocks, there are styles of dreadlocks. Michaelangelo once said that when he sculpted he was finding the shape already within the rock; well, dreadlocks are similar, sometimes they must fing their own course. When I was protesting the World Economic Forum this winter, I met a boy who had woven actual bones into his dreads. I've met many individuals with many unique styles who all seem to share a common bond--they LOVE their dreadlocks! I hope that you come to this community have an equally positive experience. One love, Laura
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