May 7th, 2002

another newbie. wonderful.

Hi everybody. I stumbled across this community while seeing who shared similar interests as listed in my profile.

Either way, I just want to say hello. I had dreads for about 2 years before shaving my head, and now am in the lengthy process of starting over, as I'm an asian guy with that oh-so-typical thin/straight/oily hair that makes for a bitch of a time. Add to the fact that I don't know anyone who can or is willing to help me dread my hair (at least, for free). That's what I get for living in Virginia, I suppose.


Dreadlocks in Montana

My local news at 10 was just talking about the large amount of rastafarians and dreadlocks in Missoula. This Town rocks. sure we might not have much to talk about in the news, but at least we talk about dreadies. The Piece was in a very positive light as well.
The funny thing is I think there are far fewer dreadies now, then Five years ago, oh well, better late then never.
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