May 11th, 2002

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hello all! i just joined this nifty lil community here. for years i've wanted dreads but belived that i couldn't have them because i had the straightest, healthiest hair. i even tried once while i was in croatia for the summer. the only time that my hair would get washed was in the sea. and my hair looked so beautiful all knotted up and salty. but then as soon as i returned to the u. s. of a. and my hair encountered the virginia humidity in the month of august my hair just, i dunno, i think deflated would be a good word for it. anyways i gave up.
over the past couple of months though i've damaged my hair beyond repair. and i love it. i've just dyed it a whole lot. now my hair is bleached and i'm letting it dread up. it looks oh so beeeyutiful. plus i really like blonde dreads so this makes me happy. well anyways now that i've dragged this out i basically wanted to ask if there's anything else that i could be doing for my hair to make sure it dreads nicely other then the tips stated in previous posts. is it ok if i keep wearing my hair in a ponytail? any tips would be greatly appreciated. i hope you all have a wonderful day.