May 12th, 2002

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hi everyone, I'm new. I just joined tonight, and also tonight I just decided that I'm definetly going through wtih my plan to get dreadlocks.

i've wanted them for a few a very long time now. before i'd just braid my hair constantly, but i got sick of that. then cut my hair off into a mohawk. (which im now recoving from...outgrowing i mean) my hair's about two and half inches right now. so i'm going to have to wait awhile to start eh? maybe soon i can get some baby dreads.

reckless's two week old dreads are so cool. those are the kind i want.
i remember being in barnes and noble and a guy with dreads walked by and i was in awe of his dreads.

i was just wondering how i should go about starting though. I've read a few websites and have the general idea of it (or so i think) i read about the dread kit from is that a good deal? im planning on asking my friend who knows how to put dreads in to help me.

i'm a really excited and kind of impatient. its a good thing my hair grows about an inch in a month.


I'm new...

hi everyone, I just joined this community. I've finally decided to get my dreads over the summer (I have very straight, thin, healthy hair so I was nervous that it wouldn't work, but after reading some of your posts I've decided to just do it). my only problem is that I don't want really thick dreads, just some thin ones here and there, kind of messy-- not "defined" dreads. does anybody have any tips? thanks in advance :)
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