May 13th, 2002


so. about 6 months ago, I decided I needed dreds, but I wanted them to be really skinny and really well separated, which made it tricky.

so instead of just backcombing, I braided about a million little braids all over my head, and as they grew in I put rubber bands on the top to keep them separated.

now they are dreding on the top as they grow in, or at least some are. some (especially the ones near the front and the super-tiny ones) aren't dreding well at all. some have dreded all the way down the braid, some have not ONLY dreded at the top and are pretty much still braids.

so, they look cute and everything, but i'm wondering if they'll ever fully dred. like they're at the point where i'd have to buzz my head to get rid of them, and i love them. but has anyone else done their dreds by braiding, or know of anyone who did? and did it work?