May 18th, 2002

miss van 2


hey people :) i just found this community so i thought i'd join ... i've loved dreads for ages, and actually put them in three times. the first two times i got bored [typical me] and combed them out after a couple of weeks. i put them in again last year though, and have had them in for about nine months .. they seem to be doing ok and tightening up. i have messed them up a fair bit though - i'm always tying in fake hair/binding them with stuff, so they got tatty and awful! uh oh .. i'm rambling.

one question though .. those with dreads, how do you keep them dreading up at the roots? i've knotted them up in the past to tighten them against my scalp, but this has made the hair seem kind of skinny and not actually matted together ... any suggestions for encouraging that hair to dread up?

oh, and just in case anyone is interested, i put up some info on dreading your hair up on my sitein the hair section ... i'm sure it doesn't cover everything, but i wrote it based on my own experience.

that is all.
Usual rasa bosie

bead sources...?

i'm looking for a source for unusual beads with holes large enough to accomodate thinnish dreadlocks (perhaps half-inch to 3/4-inch diameter?). i've found standard wooden round and barrel-shaped ones in a few colors locally, but i was hoping for something more ornamental-looking...carved bone, or molded plastic, perhaps even glass (though too many of those would add to the weightiness of my already-heavy hair). thanks in advance.