May 28th, 2002

Battle Becca

newbie post + questions

Hello. New here. No dreads, either, but I'm thinking about it. So I'm here to pick your brains. :)

Question #1: Dreads pulling your hair out?
I once saw a girl w/dreads who had a bunch of of loose hairs at the roots, sticking out of the top of the dreads. It looked like the hair had actually been pulled out of her head because the little white root-things were still on them. I had full head of braids + extensions once, and I got these same little root-things sticking out of the top of the braids. And I noticed that the hairs that the braids were hanging from become noticeably less and thinner over time, and when I took the braids out, my hair was noticeably thinner.

Has anyone here ever had these little white root thingies? Is it something to worry about?

Question #2: "Real" jobs and graduate school?
I'm 2 years away from getting my B.S., and I intend to go on to graduate school in the sciences, possibly after a year of working in a professional-type setting.

So has anyone ever tried to get a J.O.B., like in a professional setting, with dreads? How about graduate school for sciences? Did you have a lot of trouble?

Question #3: Itchies and stinkies.
Mildew, dandruff? I've only known 3 people on a touching-and-smelling basis with dreads, and only one of them had stinky dreads. But he was also the only one who's had them for over a year. I really, really don' t want to smell like a moldy basement. Which is what this guy smelled like all the time.

So is this a common problem, and how tough is it to make go away if it does happen?

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