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dread history [30 May 2002|07:53am]
have any of you heard about sadhus of india? dreadlocked holy men (and women) wandering the land...this site has more info for any of you that are interested.
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tams [30 May 2002|07:44pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

hey, I'm a newbie too. I am finishing up my tam.. my first one and it fuckin rocks!I'll show pics when I'm done.

so, okay, not to be rude, but I was reading someone's post, and she said that she never knew of anyone having dreads for any reason other than fashion. That floored me. I can not believe that!

until next time...

whirled peas

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[30 May 2002|07:51pm]
yeah yeah i know, I messed up on my text........
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