June 8th, 2002

Battle Becca
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Now here's something I never thought about. From the Knotty Boy how-to section on "the itchies":

"The first thing to determine is whether or not it's just dry scalp... or bugs. ...DON'T let animals sleep next to your head ever. My friend Stacey just told me about her brother's friend who had dreads, and then got a whole head of fleas from a dog! That truly is disgusting. I guess all it takes is one to jump in there and not get back out. If that ever happens to you, or something else weird crawled in, laid eggs and is having a party in there - CUT THEM OFF. "

I so never thought of that. Now here's the thing. My in-laws live in Texas, along with the rest of my friends, so when I go back there to visit, I stay at their house for several weeks. This usually happens in the summer. They have several cats and a dog, and hey, it's Texas. There's rarely a hard freeze, so the fleas run rampant.

I have always had a problem with the fleas biting my legs and any exposed skin I have when I walk around the house, and usually get a couple fleabites while I sleep. And that's if I make sure to wear lots of clothes. Note that noone else has a problem with the fleas. Either the fleas don't like them, or they're not allergic to the bites. But now I'm totally paranoid that I'm going to get one in my hair and end up with bugs! Oh my god! Someone tell me I don't have to worry about this! *cries*
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met a little dread this morning so i.......

met a little dread this morning so i.......
asked her a few questions very straight forward and everyting.
she was working delivering coffee, i wasn't looking at first but i noticed the knots tied up on the back of her head. she seemed loose enough so i fired away as she was getting ready to scoot out the door.
me: "hey, how long you had your dreads?"
emily: "umm, about two years"
me: "why did you grow them?"
emily: "i had a few friends who had some and i was attracted to their energy and aura. people with dreads seem to have this light about them."
me: "did growing them change you any?"
emily: "i'm still the same person but i've become more natural in how i deal with myself and life."
me: "what else changed, did you become more patient?"
emily: she smiled and thought for a minute, "yes i have, it took so long to get them to lock together. yea that and things roll off of me faster. i'm more laid back."

i took my hat off and let mine fall down. her eyes lit up and she gave me much praises. she introduced herself and we parted company.
she had pretty eyes too.
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Well here goes...
Today was the first day I didn't wash my hair, which probably isn't a big deal to ANYONE... but to me it means that I'm ceremoniously starting out on my quest for dreads... heh. I'm really neurotic about having dirty hair so this will take some getting used to.