June 13th, 2002


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so the other night i watched one of my friends carve smaller dreadlocks out of a giant mass of hair that has acculmulated on her head and tangeled. i hadn't ever seen that approach before.
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Up until I was twelve my hair was blonde. I don't know what happened but it suddenly went brown and curly. My mum's got curly hair though, and my grandad is an afro-American. I supposed I'm quarter-cast. I don't know what happened. So anyways, for maybe 2 years I stuck to the same haircut and kept it razor short. Then when I was 14 I started gelling it. It was about this time I started to like the curls. They were so pretty. Hmm...
So anyways, about 7 months ago I decided to get dreadlocks. I thought they looked cool and I look cool too. But my hair wasn't afro-sized enough for it to mat using beeswax. Instead they used the same glue used in extensions. The stickin' black glue. Boy was it great.
7 months later and I haven't washed it. Which is funny and atlast the black stuff is starting to disappear. It's starting to look like dreadlocks. I'm going to keep them for another couple of years. I will get rid of them sooner or later. But not for a long time. Also recently I have been getting frequently stoned. Yes, the ganja. Which had boosted my street-cred. You heard me street-cred.
So anyways, that's my story. I'm new to the community. I have dreadlocks. Hello!