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[21 Jun 2002|05:56pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Heylo. I have been wanting to get dreads for a while now. I have super long, dark, curly hair. I want to get em but I keep hearing from people that when you want em out you have to shave your head. Is this true? I don't really feel like goin bald...I like my hair. How would I go about getting dreads. My bro told me just to stop washing my hair but that takes too long, and I don't like to go too long without washing my hair. So how do I go about doin this? Is there a cheap way of doin this? Thanks for any help. Gracias... sincerly, pasty white girl who is desperatly in need of change. (haha)

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Oh yeah... [21 Jun 2002|06:04pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

My hair also naturally gets into huge knots so I would have no trouble getting it to knot up. Just because it is so thick and curly. I am just so tiered of having to brush my hair for like 20 minutes and still have it matted. And I brush it when I get out of the shower, when its wet...So I thought why not just have it all the way matted and not have to worry about brushing it any more. Wonderful plan! ;)

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