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I name my dreads. [25 Jun 2002|12:07am]
[ mood | curious ]

this may sound like an odd question, but do any of you name any of your dreads or have friends name them??

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[25 Jun 2002|01:13pm]
so what do you all do about washing your hair?
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wash! [25 Jun 2002|02:47pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

ahhh! must wash hair! I don't know how people with dreads do it the natural way. Like not wash there hair for like 6 months. The kit says you are supposed to wait like a week before washing your hair when you first put in dreads but I can't wait any longer. Its been 3 days. My scalp itches, and its all oily and greasy from the hair wax. Must..wash hair...Plus its already all tangled and dreading...

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