July 21st, 2002

lost a dread!

Well last night some drunk bald asshole at a party snuck up behind me and cut one of my bigger dreads off with a Knife!!! So I was totally pissed off and I wanted to kill him. Unfortunately he was about 3 times my size and had a knife, and four other people all bigger then me with him. So I played it smart and walked away, got my cousin and went to my house. We both got 22inch hunting knives and baseball bats and went back to the party. The fat asshole was in hiding and some chick got my knife off me. Needless to say the knife freaked everyone out, and I wish I could have seen the look on that fat assholes face when he saw what I came back with for him. All I know is he already had a knife and was way bigger then mine, so I brought equalizers. That bald fucker has no idea how much dreadlocks mean. But he's going to find out, I know where he lives, I know where he works. He and no one else at the party knows my name or where I live. The last thing I said before I left was "This is far from over, tell that fat fucker I know where he lives and I'm coming for him. Theres not a fucking thing he can do about it either, cause nobody here knows my name or where I'm from... If anyone tries to get in my way its there ass they're putting on the line." Then we tore ass out of there and now where planning on causing some major damage to his house in the near future. Last night the line was totally fucking crossed and now there's going to be hell to pay!
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fred says LOOK!

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this isn't about adding fuel to any one's separate personal forest fire but i thought i should share a story. i was chilling with a friend at a coffeeshop this past week. he's an older man, full fledge dread from jamaica, "hear me now." i guess he's been in the states for a good long while. either way. my hair was down drying from the rigoris washing i afflicted to it. most of these peeps around here hadn't seen my hair. no problems right? wrong. lets call this dude sunglasscoffeeman and we'll say he made a very broad grand statement while i was hanging with dread-i.

"dreads are just a fashion!

of course i'm cutting out a lot inbetween, he said that after first questioning me to whether or not my hair was real, then of course questioning my belief of what they stand for. seeking to determine just how dread i really am. i guess it would have been easier to fit me into his mold. he got my dread friend's ire with that fashion statement, finally that and he kept cutting us off from talking to each other. he caught full rastaman cussing like a hurricane wind blowing death chanting. it was the first time i heard my jamaican friend's accent, as his tongue whirled and clicked hard walking around his words. i thought the ghost of peter tosh came alive in his voice. and i slunk down in my chair minding my owns but watching his back. i figured he was old enough to fight his own battles. as he told old boy to keep his mouth and evil words to himself. "if you say bad you bring bad. i want to be left alone right here in this place. it's my god given right i tell you. it's my god given right!"

"i give you about a year before you cut them off."

after my friend calmed down, sunglasscoffeeman's table partner called dread-i an asshole under his breath but loud enough for everyone to hear. a collective groan followed by a hush led the ruckus off again.
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(no subject)

what would you all suggest, product wise, in starting/maintaining dreads....

also please tell me anything you think i should know about getting, having, and keeping dreads!!

if anyone lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, or anywhere close, please tell me who did yours, and where you might recommend :)

Peace, Ashee

love jah!
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