July 27th, 2002

lisa's libido

Dread forums

Just to let everyone know...

In case you find yourself in need of some extra support or a second opinion or just want to check up on some FAQ's and extra tips, or if you just feel like joining another great (albeit not as tightly knit) online dread community, then... (This sentence is too long).

Dreadhead HQ has a pretty cool message board that answers a lot of questions etc. After all, one can never know too many dreadheads.

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psychedelic peace

(no subject)

i have all natural dreads(no wax no nothing like that) and they are growing, there is about an inch of non-dreaded hair at the roots. does anybody know how to fix dem so the whole thing is dreaded? right now dem at my shoulders, i want dreads down to my belly button, how can i do that?
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