August 4th, 2002

lisa's libido

A nice, quiet day with my dreads

Hello All,

I'm having a nice, quiet day with my dreads. I took a nice, long shower and washed them, and now I'm just sitting around waiting for them to dry so I can backcomb and palmroll them. I'm very much not a spiritual person, but today has felt very rewarding. Um... more adjectives to explain this... cleansing? Similar to what paperbagprinces said in this entry. Days like this force me to take time out of my schedule and just kick back and think. My entire body feels rejuvenated, thanks to all 128 of my dreadlocks.

Just thought I'd share that. It's not often that I have moments/days like this one, because I'm usually busy running around and complaining about something. Today feels vaguely spiritual, as if I've overcome something. How nice. Today it's just me, my dreads, and Alejandro Amenabar's great first film, Thesis.

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