August 8th, 2002

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Hey guys, i'm new. *waves*

I've only had my dreads for a week, and already i can't stand them. I love the look of them - obviously, otherwise i wouldn't have spent so many hundreds getting them done ;) - but i never read anywhere about them being so damn prickly.
My hair wasn't in particularly good condition when i started off, as a result of too many dye-jobs, so i had heaps of shorter bits all through my hair. [Also, i have thick, straight, Asian hair.] Now that it's put into dreadlocks all the short strands poke out, and having some reaction to the stuff put into it, are really brittle and sharp, and they're all poking into my scalp. I've barely been getting any sleep, because any pressure on my head just forces them more into my scalp like thousands of prickles, which is absolute agony.

I don't know what the hell to do. I've seriously contemplated taking them out, but i really don't want to have to do that because it cost me $500 to get them put in! [$250 to dread, $250 for extensions. Not to mention all the up-keeping products i had to buy.] Do you know of anything i can do to stop, or at least minimise this feeling? Did anybody else have this problem?

Thanks, Jo.
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  • jsky

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hey, i got a wild hair up my butt last night. i have the urge to have my front two dreads sticking straight can i acheive this look? they fall below my eyes, so they aren't that long really. any tips would be appreciated in helping me look like i have antennae. :). anyways, thanks in advance.
  • aomi

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so today as i was walking down 1st avenue in the east village, I passed an elderly black man selling incense at a stand... I glanced at him as I passed, and he looked me straight in the eye and said, disgustedly, "you take our dreadlocks, you take everything." just to clarify, i am white. this was a final vocalization of all the strange looks i have been getting recently from (some, not all) black people everywhere. maybe I'm just being naive, but it really saddened me to think that somebody could feel such feelings of animosity towards me just from looking at the way I do my hair. i did not even consider that I might be offending or alienating some people by doing it ... or even stealing part of somebody's identity. has anybody else here been experiencing this? I'd really like to hear some of your opinions...