August 11th, 2002

---The Dread Ring---

It happened about 4 days ago, it was 5 am and I was really bored. i was in the bathroom messing with my dreads, fixing the tips, that kinda deal. I have a fair amount on undreaded hair on the lower sides and on the back of my head because 1) hair wasn't long enough and 2) hard area to dread. So I decided to not dread those parts. Since hair grows I usually have to trim the sides and the back every once in a while, I noticed I had left out a huge chunk of undreaded hair still on the dread and non-dread margin, instead of sticking it in the nearest dread I just simply cut the hair. As I looked at it and realized how much hair I've could've put inside a dread I just didn't think about it and started rolling that chunk of straight undreaded hair on my hand (about 5 inches long way thinner than your average pinky) It quickly turned into a dreadball. I though "Hey this could help" so I stuck it inside the nearest fell off 2 seconds later. I sat down and pondered...then I had the idea of opening that dreadball a little and putting it through a dread. I opened it with my index fingers and my thumbs and it soon looked like a tiny donut..or more like a ring!! So I put it through and just rolled it all the way to the root of the dread..and guess what? IT STAYED. I palm rolled it a bit and then realized I just invented something. It's called a Dread Ring. I believe no one did this before. I soon began to ponder some more. I'm sure everyone is familiar with Friendship Bracelets..and what about Friendship DreadRings. Your friend or yourself can just snip off a little bit of hair from his/her hair, follow those steps and keep it in a dread forever. It works a lot like a rubber band but it's not visible, you don't need to take it off and it helps you dread. It can look really cool if your friend has a different color of hair. You can then name that dreadlock after your friend. You can move it around but it's kinda hard to take it off. Not too much hair is needed by the way...just enough to make a dreadball the size of those bouncy balls you see on 25 cent machines. Not too big.

Here's a picture of it...I had to move it a little forward just to show what it looks like. It is at the root most of the time so it doens't look like a bump. It's kinda hard to see but you get the idea.
Dread Ring

And this one to prove that it is hardly visible and doesn't look like a bump.
Dread Ring 2