August 13th, 2002


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hello i am new.
i have been toying with the idea of getting dreads for a few years. i finally brought it up to my mom sometime in june, and she actually wanted me to get them! i didn't really believe her until a few days later when she asked "why don't i see any dreads yet?".
i have sat down on several occasions and started parting my hair, and backcombing the sections, and putting wax in them. but i always chicken out, thinking im doing it wrong, and comb them straight again.
if im going to dread my hair, im going to get as prepared as i can. i want to know the basics beforehand; the process, the aftercare, etc. i've gone to several websites and read stories and instructions.
the only thing is, i chopped my hair off back in may. it somes to the bottom of my chin in front, and is probably only 2 inches in back.
i plan on growing it out for a very long time, i want it at least past my shoulders before i dread it.
so i joined this community to pass the time. then i can learn more about dreads while i wait.
i won't have them professionally done. it will mean more to me if someone close to me or myself does it.
i have spent a good hour reading back entries from this community, and i know i chose a good one to join.
im sure you'll be hearing from me again.

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yesterday i bought little elastics to start my dreads with, my plan is basically this... i separate my hair into 1x1inch (at the most) sections, and then put the elastic around that bit of hair... then i leave them, for a long time, or at least until i get ahold of my frend, Amy, who i am entrusting my hair with. i haven't stopped washing my hair, but i have stopped brushing it, and its kinda stringy, but not i dunno. its separated and curly, but at the tops its not knotting at all, so i figure if i do the elastic thing, it'll help a bit.

anyways, do you think 1x1inch squares will be fine. i read on a site thats a good size. i don't want huge dreads, i'd like them to be smaller, but if they turned out big, that'd be fine. stupid white people hair, and all its indecision. lol... ;)

i also need to find a place in winnipeg, where i live, that has knottyboy.
oh yes, do any of you know where i could purchase a tam, i'd like it to be black, red, yellow and green. but the colours not necessary. i also am a little unsure about purchasing things off the internet, so if anyone has seen stores in winnipeg, or canada... it'd be graciously welcomed to know the name :)

Peace, Love and Nappiness <3