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Dreads . . . first try. [23 Aug 2002|06:20am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

As you can see from the new user photos, I've finally got my film developed. You can go look at my perty new hair HERE.

I made these dreads using the basic method laid out by Kathryn Quinn, but my natural hair was too short (about 2") to braid them in, so I divided my hair into sections, twisted it into little buns, put elastics around the buns, looped the dreads (2 per) over each bun and sewed them on with matching thread. I think they look really natural and for a first try I'm quite proud of them.

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hi i'm new [23 Aug 2002|03:19pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I had a few dread locks this summer but then i went swimming in a lack and they all came out.I cut my hair since then and now my hair is about an inch or inch and a half below my ear and i was wondering if that is an ok length to get dreads?
I also had someone else doing them and I want to see if i can do them myself, she did them with egg whites but thats all i know. I don't really know all of what she did or anything at all. I was wondering if someone on here could possibly give me very good and kinda detailed instructions on how to do them to myself with the something b/c my hair is dry and doesn't stick well to itself hehe. THANKS

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