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[25 Aug 2002|06:06pm]
This is 2 months and counting... of dreads. Sorry for the crap of a webcam.
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[25 Aug 2002|09:49pm]
thanks for all your comments you guys! :)
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dreads made of yarn [25 Aug 2002|10:30pm]
hi i joined a few weeks ago, give or take a little. and i am still dreadless, due to the shortness of my hair. however i saw this girl today with awesome looking turquoise dreads. i eavesdropped and found out they were made of yarn. so i got to thinking, hey, i could do that since my hair is too short.
my only question is how do i do it?
has anyone ever made dreads out of yarn before?

i don't think the yarn dreads will mean as much to me as real dreads, but it would give me a feel for them, and tide me over until i have long beautiful hair.
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