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[29 Aug 2002|09:56am]
hey again.

i have a question for those of you who have cut their dreads off. i'm not planning on doing this anytime soon, but when you did, was your hair thinnish and parted funny in the shape of the dreads (did you have weird parts around where the dreads were because they were there for so long?)?

and also, after having tightened my dreads for the third time, i noticed that at the spot were i was rubbing the dread there's a small bump, and it really hurts! does this go away after a while, or will it stay there forever?

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dready dready dreadlock wax? [29 Aug 2002|06:47pm]
Anyone know how to *make* dread wax? I already have beeswax (a big chunk of it from my friend's hive!), and I know you melt it, right?
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