September 2nd, 2002

compassion for all


i'm new. i joined because i'm a beginner dread head:)

i only have a few of my dreads done that two of my friends are working on. i made one and it's pretty bad.....

i'm using the backcombing and "knotting" method of pulling hair in seperate directions and pulling it closely together, hurts like hell.

does anyone else in here just have natural dreads? i'm having a hard time looking up methods that don't use wax on the net.
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i used to have mad long very staight hair, and then i decided i really want dreads, for way to many reasons to list i went about doing basicly nothing to my hair, a little breaking and shit but not much, and now i've had my dreads for like 7 maeby 8 months now. and i could use some advice on general makeing them tighter shit.
first, my roots. now the fact that they're not as tight as they could be is probrably my own fault, i am REALLY fuckin lazy and don't play with them as much as i should. But is there anything else i should be doing.
and then the tips. I have no idea what i'm doing here with the ends of my dreads. they just kinda sit their still being hair. what should i do to them. ah your comments will be much appreciated, peace.
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