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[05 Sep 2002|01:06pm]
i joined here awhile back after my first attempt to dread my hair, it all went well, then some arse decided to soak me in washing up liquid and water, naturally soft hair doesn't like that too much and they mainly slipped out.

this is my second attempt. they're alot skinner and tighter and likely to get a waxing later today. this is what my babies look like right now...

<img src="http://punphish.cjb.net/hair.jpg>
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[05 Sep 2002|01:12pm]
well, i certainly messed that up...

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[05 Sep 2002|04:40pm]
[ mood | curious ]

just as a disclaimer, I do not intend to come off as ignorant or racist blah blah blah when asking my question, I'm simply dreaming of future travel plans:

so how do other cultures and countries view white people with dreadlocks? I'm thinking about potential violence because of political reasons maybe but I don't really know why I'm wondering about this. are there any specific groups of people who have hostile feelings? in other words, is there anyplace around the world where a white person with locks shouldn't go for fear of their safety because of their hair alone?

I know that everyone's different and no two people within one racial or ethnic category have the same beliefs, etc etc. I'm thinking in general terms, but I understand how asinine that can be sometimes.

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