September 6th, 2002


this is my first post.

I like dread locks.
when they are clean.
I usually like them best on black people, but I've seen a few white kids who look good in them too.

Personally, I have "dreads" when I want them, and wash them out when I don't.

see, my hair is ubercurly, and if I put them upin little twists, and let them dry that way. when I take the twists out, they just stay. it's cool.
I know I know, they are not "real" but they, I'm an actor. I can't really have dreads.
so anyway, here are some pics of my temp dreads that you can check out if ya want.



when bob marley died, they found something like 28 different kinds of bugs in his head.... now what wre you saying about being hungry?
compassion for all


dreads that were done two weeks ago are getting loose already at the roots. does that happen this early, or were they just too loose to begin with? i've washed my hair 2x only since those were in.

& soap, anything without moisturizer in it right? my dreads are bugging me. rosemary is good for the scalp & tee tree oil i read, but is there anything else? i'm trying to find a natural soap i can buy instead of knottyboy which is too $$$ and small. i have this tea tree oil body wash, is that good enough? i use that but was told bar soap is better.