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Dread tips (as in, the opposite of the root of the dread, not dreadlock-related advice) [14 Sep 2002|02:36am]
[ mood | anxious ]

I am currently going through the process of getting rid of my unsightly dreadlock tips. My hair was pretty uneven when I dreaded it, and I did my utmost to knot all the way down the dreadlock as far as possible. I did this by rubbing the 'tip' of the dread in circles on my palm, which worked really well.

However, it didn't stop the fact that my dreads were uneven from root to tip. At the root until roughly the mid-point, they are about the size of my thumb, and then they regress past that point into a very, very thin dread (around the width of a thin wire).

Like this:

If you look out of the window to your left, you will notice where we have targeted the problem areas here and here.

Don't know why I'm writing this. Perhaps because I need moral support. I've gotten used to the length of my hair (as flawed as it is), and now I'm getting rid of a little less than half of each dread - and although I like the uniform, uh... girth (why can't I think of a better word? :-) ), I'm not too impressed with the length.

Wait a minute. That last sentence was rather suspect. Oh, well. Double-entendre at 3 AM is always a good thing.
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First post [14 Sep 2002|03:53am]
[ mood | determined ]

Well it's kind of ironic how i make my first post in a dreadlock community the night before im going to get my locks cut tomorrow I have had them for all-most a year and a half and i love them very much but I think for my own well being I need a fresh start. i am planing on dreading again once my hair is long enough again It would also give me a chance to dread them allot better.
well thats all i have to say ,

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