September 22nd, 2002

ahh help.

i've had my current dreads in for a little over three years now. the majority or them are shoulder/chin length. well about this time last year i made the mistake of putting little cloth elastics at the roots to help organize them a bit, i thought it needed at the time, but if i only knew what trouble it would cause i would avoided it all together, for i am paying the price now.

where the elastics were, on my roots. the hair grew out straight. i went a few months without reallytouching them up and just let them be, but ever since then i've had to tie knots in almost every lock on my head over the straightened out part. if i backcombed it, it would generally cause breakage or stretch out the straightened hair from the locked hair. well ever since then i've had a real problem getting my roots organized and to lock up. the overall look of my dreads has become very flat and not nearly as fat as they used to be. has anyone else incountered a problem like this? if so what did you do to help? heh. and to be quite honest i don't maintain them and play with them as often as i should or used to, but i believe now i will take better care of them. any tips on getting them fatter than they already are? i mean the majority of the lock is hardened but just flat. help pleeeeeassee.
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