September 23rd, 2002

---6 months Old---

YES!!! My dreads are 6 months old... all 39 of them!! I'm so proud, it's been tough, but I made it! Every horrible weekday morning that I had to waste time fixing tips, and palm rolling, and clockwise rubbing, have paid off. They'll only get better with time. Now I'll just sit back and reflect at times when I had just gotten them. I'm so proud.

4 months ago..

2 Months Old


6 Months Old-1
6 Months Old-2
6 Months Old-3
6 Months Old-4

Thank you everyone for having dreads, looking at them, experimenting, liking, observing, for being in this community, for helping out other fellow dreadies, and even just trying to learn more about them too!! It's really fukking awesome!!
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compassion for all


last night i was reading on dreadheadhq that you should wear tams when you have new dreads, so that little bits don't join into other dreads.

isn't that what you want to happen to the little bits?

i'm confused now.

to wear a tam or not? and when sleeping?

hey, i'm new here!

hey, my name is kristin. im new here. i have had my dreadlocks for about a year now. if anyone can give me any tips on tightning the roots i'd be pretty happy. i know you can do the palm roll, but most of the time that doesn't work for me, and backcombing them is kind of hard to since in essance, backcombing just makes them straight... any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. im also wondering if anyone in here uses knotty boy (that's what i use) cos most dreadheads i know use dreadhead hq. i wanna know what the differences are in the waxes, and shampoo if any, before i waste my money getting some HQ as well. heheheh :)
i'll have to post some pics sometime. till then, much love dreadheads...
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|| look at me im new ||

Hi guys...Lets see, Last year I did dreads and had them in for about a week but changed my mind and combed them out. When I did them...I just back combed them all and used Bees Wax. And I held them in with regular black elastics and took the elastics out when they stayed on their own and I back combed them once a day... My hair was down past my shoulders so I had really long dreads...But now I cutt my hair off and It's short and I want dreads again...I don't mind long dreads, but then again, I kind of want short dreads so I'm ready to do them now...Everyone said I looked good with them but here are some pics of me so you peoples can tell me if I'd look good with them

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Also, if I do dreads again can any of you tell me a better way to do it( more professional ) and what kind of stuff to use...better stuff...?? Thanks


PS~ I'm waiting for my dream lover blue dread headed boi to walk into my life so BLUE DREAD HEADED BOI IF YOUR READING THIS THEN COMMENT! har har har, I'm so funny!