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fixin' up [29 Sep 2002|08:00pm]
friday night i helped out a friend with her dreads, and doing so i realized everything worng i did to mine.

she used to back-combing, twisting and waxing method and they had matted well, but weren't knotted at all. so i pulled them apart and re-did them all. they were long and thin, but now they are shorter and nice and thick.

for my dreads, i have to undo about half of them. i put way too much hair into some of them because i didn't take into account that if i did them right, they would get chunky themselves. so now i'm ripping some apart (ow!) and making 2 or some three out of those sections. i kept wondering why i didn't have as many dreads as i wanted. man did i section them off badly...
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[29 Sep 2002|10:03pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

i've got a slight problem with my dreads.

basically, they've been doing really well for the past month or so, but in the last week, my hair's grown really fast and the roots aren't knotting up. i've been trying to backcomb to get the knots at the root, but they seem to be tight and too stubborn, does anyone have any advice to sort this out?

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[29 Sep 2002|11:07pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

My friend and I finished them this morning. Now for the months of tedious work forming them into perfection.

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